Other Services

Collision Repair

We work with all insurance companies if you require collision repairs. Experienced in accident repairs and will bring your bike back to pre-accident condition..

Estimate fee: $510.00

Fee is waived upon approved repair.

Radio Refurb Service

Radio sound radio (2006 & earlier models)
Harman Kardon - 6 to 12 month warranty with gap: $250.00

Extended Service Plan

We are pleased to let all our customers know that we offer E.S.P (Extended Service Plan) repair. So, if you have an issue with your out of factory warranty motorcycle but, have purchased a Harley Davidson Extended Service Plan or any other. No Fear, we are here to make sure that costly repair will cost you only your deductible.

Tire and Parts Installation

We Install Carried In Tires & Parts.

No warranty on labor on installation of carried in parts/tires.