Dyno Tuning & Diagnostics

We offer appointments for Dyno tuning and diagnostics. We offer tuning of Power Vision as well as Super Tuners and TTS. We offer custom mapping with full AFR ( Air Fuel Ratio ) testing not auto tuning. Custom map with full tune is $425.00 (Pending pipe configuration without 18mm O2 ports, a needed stealth insertionand fee will be added.) Most do not know how well their bike can run, when there is nothing to compare it to. The machine is amazing and does more than most realize. Research a Dynamometer and you will also find what a valuable diagnostic tool it is. From telling a tire is out of balance to a miss adjusted primary chain or drive belt. This is one amazing tool.

Quick Facts

  • All work is performed by a fully factory trained / Dynojet Trained technician.
  • Not all bikes are eligible for Dyno runs and/or Dyno tuning.
  • Repairs are not included in tuning costs. Motorcycle must pass safety inspection in order to be placed on Dyno.
  • Rather than using “Flash” programs or genic “maps” that do not tune your bike specifically, Olde Towne Cycle works directly with your factory ECU, and the performance parts you have installed, to tune your bike individually and optimally.
  • Come get Stumped on our new state of the art 250i RT hardware model by our expert trained tuner “Stump” and feel the difference! (appointment only)

Dyno Rules & Requirements

  • Your Motorcycle MUST BE CLEAN. OLDE TOWNE CYCLE Dynojet is clean and we want to keep it that way. Please make sure there is no mud. If the bike is dirty upon arrival it will have to be washed before Dyno service is provided.
  • Make sure you belt is adjusted correctly and that the belt and pulleys are not worn out.
  • Make sure all fluids; engine oil, coolant, transmission oil, etc.; are at the proper levels.
  • You MUST call for an appointment. Do NOT show up unannounced.
  • You will have to fill out a release of liability form. OLDE TOWNE CYCLE will do our best to not rev the engine further than you state, however; if it does happen, we will not be responsible if the engine comes apart. There are options on the Dyno's software to activate the brake when a certain RPM is reached, but it is common to take the engine to its rev limiter.
  • Motorcycle must have adequate fuel, otherwise customer will have to pay fuel surcharge

We have heard everything when it comes to the reason why you don't need a tuner once you have installed simple performance accessories like mufflers an exhaust and/or high flow air cleaner. Well here is some data that is visibly showing why a tune is needed and the benefits of a EFI tuner like the power vision. What you are looking at is a dyno graph of a customer's bike that has a stock 88ci (cubic inch) engine with a @arlennessmotorcycles Big sucker air cleaner and Bassani true dual fishtails. The red, blue, and green lines you see are the bike with out a tuner download installed. The smoother brown, orange and dark blue lines are the same bike with a base download with no adjustments from @dynojetresearch using their power vision tuner. The bike "ran" with no download, but not very well, the Air fuel ratios were very lean which caused spark knock at higher RPMs. A motorcycle running in this condition is causing unnecessary and harmful wear to the engines components. With just the base download the bike made consistently more Horsepower and Foot pounds of torque to the rear wheel, and had no spark knock. This will prolong the life of the engine and make your riding experience more enjoyable. By no means is this bike running at peak potential, that is where having an experienced technician and a dynamometer comes into play. Olde Towne Cycle will be able to tune this motorcycle and yours to run at peak performance and give you the piece of mind that your motorcycle is running great and healthy.